The Seibold Lab is focused on identifying genetic determinants and biomarkers of complex lung diseases, including asthma and pulmonary fibrosis. Many of the genetic variants that influence development and severity of these lung diseases do so by altering molecular functions in specific lung cell types. His lab is focused on identifying dysregulated molecular functions in patient lung cells, by Nex-Generation sequencing technologies. Using patient cohorts the genetic determinants of these molecular changes are then mapped. The lab is also editing the genome of these lung cells to allow detailed mechanistic studies of disease variants and better understanding of how these genetic changes increase risk of disease development.

The Seibold Lab is currently seeking students and post-doctoral fellows to be part of a collaborative team working to identify genetic determinants of complex lung diseases through the use of genetic epidemiology and molecular genetics.


Current Projects

  1. Nasal Airway Epithelia Expression Genetics and Epigenetics in Puerto Rican Asthmatics.

  2. Functional characterization of an IPF genetic risk variant.

  3. Genomic editing of primary lung cells.

  4. Genetics of expression in asthmatic bronchial epithelium


Max A. Seibold, PhD
Elmar Pruesse, PhD Bioinformatics Software Engineer
Nathan Jackson, PhD Senior Bioinformatics Analyst
Megha Suswaram, PhD. Biostatistician
Elizabeth Secor, MA Biostatistician
Jamie Everman, PhD Faculty Scientist
Yingchun Li, MD PhD Faculty Scientist
Katrina Diener, Lab Manager
Zoe Stewart, Senior Lab Researcher Genomics
Ana Fairbanks-Mahnke, Lab Researcher Genomics
Gianna Zinnen, Lab Researcher Genomics
Caleb Gammon, Student Researcher/Intern
Max H. Seibold, Student Researcher/Intern
Ashley Naughton, Coordinator

Contact Information

Dr. Max A. Seibold
Office: 303.270.2544
Lab: 303.270.2650

More Information

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Interleukin-13 associated epithelial remodeling correlates with clinical severity in nasal polyposis.
Kotas ME, Patel NN, Cope EK, Gurrola JG 2nd, Goldberg AN, Pletcher SD, Seibold MA, Moore CM, Gordon ED.J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2023 Feb 1:S0091-6749(23)00141-0. doi: 10.1016/j.jaci.2022.12.826. Online ahead of print.PMID: 36736797 

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