Our lab gratefully acknowledges the grant support from the following agencies:


Current Research Grant Support

Extramural Funding

NIH 1R01AI083986-01 : Gene Regulations in Basophil-Mediated Allergic Responses; Direct Cost $250,000/year.  07/01/2010 – 06/30/2015. Principal Investigator


Previous Grant Support

ARRA administrative supplement NIH/NIAID               

Direct Cost $111,281/year. 1R01AI068083-01 7/1/2010-3/31/2012 

Coordinating Adaptive and Innate Immunity. Principal Investigator

NIH/NIAID  1RO1 AI070175-01 : Effects of Allergic Inflammation on TLR2 Signaling and Mycoplasma; $250,000/Year.  9/01/08 – 8/31/12

NIH/NIAID Faculty member of T32 Training grant awarded to the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine.  Pippa Marrack PI

Intramural Funding

Department of Medicine Grant : Epigenetic modifications of Th2 cells derived from older asthmatic patients; $10,000 07/01/2011-12/31/2011.

1 RO1 AI059170-01 A2 (Huang) 6/1/2005-5/31/2010    25%
NIH/NIAID    225,000/year
Differentiation of Th2 cytokine-producing innate cells

The major goals of this project are to determine signaling and transcriptional mechanism by which IL-4 and IL-5 drive bone marrow progenitor cells to differentiate into eosiniphils that can produce Th2 type of cytokines.

1R01AI068083-01 (Huang) 4/1/2005-3/31/2009     25%
NIH/NIAID    225,000/year
Coordinating Adaptive and Innate Immunity

The major goals of this study are to investigate in vivo relationship between CD4+ Th2 cells and Th2 cytokine-producing eosinophils.

PP1357 (Huang)  3/1/2007-2/28/2008      4%
MS           40,000
Identification of Regulatory Regions of the Il17 Gene

The goal of this project is to analyze which regions of the Il17 gene regulate IL-17 expression in Th17 cells.
Overlap: none

Extramural funding

RO1 AI48568-01 (Huang) 2/1/2002-1/31/2005     33%
NIH/HIAID    $150,00/year
Role of IFN-g in Th1 Cell Development
The major goals of this project is to determine the signaling mechanisms by which IFN-g suppress IL-4 signaling in Th1 cells.

K22 AI01663 Career Development Award (Huang), /1/2000-2/28/2002   25%, NIAID, NIH    125,000/year
The Role of Phosphatases in Regulating Basal and Induced IL-4 Receptor Expression In Lymphocytes
The goal of this study was to investigate the role of SHP-1 in IL-4 receptor expression.

Career Development Award,
Principal Investigator: Hua Huang
10% effort, direct cost 50,000 x 3 = 150,000.
Period: 4/1/2000-3/31/2003.
Funding Agency: The Schweppe Foundation.
Mechanism(s) by which T Cell Receptor Signals Down-regulate IL-4-induced STAT6 phosphorylation
This study was designed to understand how TCR signaling dephosphorates STAT6 phosphorylation

Institutional funding

"Molecular Basis of Stable Th1 phenotype"
Principal Investigator: Hua Huang
25% effort, 40,000
Banes trust Fund of Loyola University Chicago, Stritch School of Medicine.
Period: 3/1/2000-2/28/2001.