Our lab studies the signaling and transcriptional regulation of allergic immune responses and T helper cell differentiation in general.  Specificially, we actively investigate three areas of research—T helper cell differentiation, innate type-2 effector cell differentiation, and interaction between CD4 Th cells and bone marrow allergic progenitor cells.


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The Huang Laboratory focuses on the signaling and transcriptional regulation of allergic cytokine gene expression. 


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  • Hua Huang
    Hua Huang, MD, PhD


  • Principal Investigator
    Hua Huang MD, PhD
  • Lab Personnel:
    Xiaopeng Qi, PhD
    Yapeng Li, PhD


Xiaopeng Qi, Lee Chaves, Yonghua Zhuang, Yuhong Chen, Demin Wang, Jacob Chahon, Brian Graham, Keitaro Ohmori, and Hua Huang.  Antagonistic regulation by transcription factors C/EBPa and MITF specifies basophil and mast cell fates.  Immunity, 39, 97-110; 10.1016/j.immuni.2013.06.012, published online, July 18, 2013

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