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Main Uses



355nm 405nm 488nm 532nm lasers
635nm lasers
Up to 18 color analysis
CYAN 405nm 488nm 630 lasers Up to 9 color analysis
FACScalibur 488nm 640 lasers Up to 4 color analysis
Fortessa 355nm 405nm 488nm 561nm 637nm lasers Up to 18 color analysis
Aurora 355nm 405nm 488nm 561nm 640nm       Spectral up to 64 colors


Synergy 405nm 488nm 640nm 561nm Up to12 color sort & analysis
Aria Fusion 405nm 488nm 561nm 640nm Up to 12 color sort & analysis


Leica 4 color slides, DIC, Z
LWD Marianas Long working distance, dry objectives
Marianas Multicolor, Z, live cell, Ca++ flux
Smith Marianas Inverted multicolor, Z
Zeiss LSM 700 Confocal Multicolor, Z, time, colocalization
MultiPhoton Olympus Deep tissue, in situ live tissue imaging
Spinning Disk Inverted multicolor 4 laser line

Programs for computational data analysis

AxioVision Zeiss analysis software for widefield system
Cell Quest FCS data on MAC
FlowJo FCS on MAC/PC
Image J NIH image analysis PC
NIH Image Microscope data MAC
Slidebook Microscope data PC
Zen Black Zeiss confocal analysis
Imaris Microscope data Multiphoton and Zeiss Confocal
Zen Blue Seiss analysis software