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Main Uses



355nm 405nm 488nm 532nm lasers
635nm lasers
Up to 18 color analysis
CYAN 405nm 488nm 630 lasers Up to 9 color analysis
FACScalibur 488nm 640 lasers Up to 4 color analysis
Fortessa 355nm 405nm 488nm 561nm 637nm lasers Up to 18 color analysis


Synergy 405nm 488nm 640nm 561nm Up to12 color sort & analysis
MoFlo XDP 488nm 405nm 635nm lasers Up to 9 color sort & analysis
Aria Fusion 405nm 488nm 561nm 640nm Up to 12 color sort & analysis


Leica 4 color slides, DIC, Z
LWD Marianas Long working distance, dry objectives
Marianas Multicolor, Z, live cell, Ca++ flux
Olympus Multicolor scope for live cell
  Brightfield absorption stained slides
Smith Marianas Inverted multicolor, Z
Zeiss LSM 700 Confocal Multicolor, Z, time, colocalization
MultiPhoton Olympus Deep tissue, in situ live tissue imaging
Spinning Disk Inverted multicolor 4 laser line

Programs for computational data analysis

AxioVision Zeiss analysis software for widefield system
Cell Quest FCS data on MAC
FlowJo FCS on MAC/PC
Image J NIH image analysis PC
NIH Image Microscope data MAC
Slidebook Microscope data PC
Zen Black Zeiss confocal analysis
Imaris Microscope data Multiphoton and Zeiss Confocal
Zen Blue Seiss analysis software