Mapping Clinical Data to NAACCR Codes

We created a series of tables to link terms used within the EHR to the appropriate NAACCR codes used in the data extract to the Colorado Central Cancer Registry. Many of the terms come from picklists within the TNM Staging forms or the templates in the pathology tumor checklists. Each of these terms is given a ‘termDomain’ that indicates the type of data – e.g. HistologicGrade, Laterality – and placed in a terms table. Each of these terms has a NAACCR companion term in another terms table. This table is updated as NAACCR updates the codes. The NJH terms are then linked to the appropriate NAACCR term through a link table. The NAACCR terms table is fairly stable; the NJH terms table is updated as new terms are entered in the Cancer Registry tables. These values are often from free-text fields and need to be curated or linked to the appropriate NAACCR term.

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