Data Quality Cycle – QA Report 2

Missing Diagnosis Date

This report presents patients that have been marked state-reportable, but lack a diagnosis date (DxDate) or the DxDate is invalid. The diagnosis date is critical for establishing a record in the Tumor table as this table includes many fields that are based on DxDate (e.g., PayoratDxDate). DxDate is normally found in either a TNM, a pathology report that contains a tumor checklist, a recurrence form, or in the Transfer to NJH – Diagnosis Date field in the Summary worksheet. Report 2 should lag one month after the state report flag is set. To resolve this issue, a TNM must be created in the EMR or a checklist added to a pathology report or a recurrence form must be created or a date added to the Summary Worksheet. No changes are made or recorded in the Cancer Registry database.

This is a mock-up of the report:

Issue Date

Last Name




Comment Date






filled in manually

date entered by clinician

any comment by the clinician