Laboratories: Center for Genes, Environment & Health

Scott Alper, PhD Lab

Dr. Alper's laboratory is focused on understanding the regulation of the innate immune response, particularly as it relates to the basis for these inflammatory diseases. Learn more.

Eveline Farias-Hesson, PhD Lab

Dr. Farias-Hesson is interested in using and implementing cutting-edge genomic technologies to understand the genetics of complex lung and immune-related conditions. Learn more.

Sonia Leach, PhD Lab

Dr. Leach's laboratory is interested in the development of computational tools to facilitate data interpretation and scientific discovery for biologists and clinicians. Learn more.

Brian O'Connor, PhD Lab

Dr. O'Connor's laboratory is focused on understanding how epigenetic mechanisms regulate the decision processes governing immune cell activity in the context of disease. Learn more.

David Schwartz, MD / Ivana Yang, PhD Lab

Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Yang's laboratory investigates the genetic and biological determinants of environmental and occupational lung disease. Our previous research has provided insight into the pathophysiology, biology, and genetics of environmental airway disease, pulmonary fibrosis, and innate immunity. Learn more.

Max Seibold, PhD Lab

Dr. Seibold's laboratory is focused on identifying genetic determinants and biomarkers of complex lung diseases, including asthma and pulmonary fibrosis. Learn more.

Michael Strong, PhD Lab

Dr. Strong's laboratory is interested in developing and applying computational and molecular methods to better generate, integrate and analyze genomic and proteomic information, with a focus on respiratory diseases and disease pathogens, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Learn more.

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