Morgridge Academy

Lorrie Schroeck, MA

Lorrie Schroeck, MAWhy did you want to become a teacher?
Lorrie always wanted to be a teacher from the time she was little.  She attended the University of Florida and received her Bachelors in Education in 1993 and her Master's Degree in 1994.  Lorrie worked as a substitute teacher for a year here at Morgridge Academy before being offered a full time job in 1995.

Lorrie has lived in Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, and Colorado.  She has two kids and enjoys spending time with them and hearing what they do in their schools.  In the summer, Lorrie and her family like to visit other states and National Parks.

Hometown: Jonesboro, Arkansas

Favorite Children's Book: anything by Chis Van Allsburg

Hobbies: Reading, hanging out with her kids