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Jim Gianvito, MA

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Jim GianvitoJim when to school at Utah State University and Brigham Young University and now has both a Bachelor's degree in Outdoor Recreation and Recreation Education and Master's degree in Recreation Therapy. He has worked as a Recreation Therapist at the Utah State Psychiatric Hospital and as the Adult Program Director at the Northern Illinois Special Recreation Association. Jim says that he really enjoys working with kids and teaching them physical activities at which they can succeed.

Jim moved to Colorado without a job prospect in 1985. Within 3 weeks, he found National Jewish Health and has loved it here ever since. He loves the excitement our students display when the discover they can participate successfully and safely in new activities. Seeing a kid's face for the first time they learn to dive, hit a baseball, score a soccer goal, or serve a volleyball over the net is the reward he gets from his job. Jim says he can't imagine ever wanting to work anywhere else. He says he loves his job and it will never get old-just like him!

Hometown: Staten Island, New York

Favorite Children's Book: Never Cry Wolf

Hobbies: Snowboarding, running, traveling, hiking/camping, photography