Couple walking outdoorsFitLogix® brings a proven disease management approach to weight loss. Being obese is a healthcare cost driver for almost one-third of the population. This costly epidemic demands management with the best practices available.

The program combines a medically-oriented behavioral change program with state-of-the-art weight and activity monitoring systems, one-on-one coaching, 52 weeks of lesson plans, online support and exciting participant incentives. 

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It Makes Health Sense

FitLogix® is not simply a diet or weight loss program; it is a sophisticated weight management program for those individuals whose weight is a health risk, concern or actual cost driver for insurers.

The FitLogix® program:

  • Increases employee/member health
  • Decreases healthcare risks and costs
  • Increases employee/member morale and productivity
  • Increases return on investment

The data are significant: healthcare costs due to obesity and its related health risks are soaring. A wellness program, successful in improving health for many disease states, can now be applied to accomplish these goals:

  • Weight reduction
  • Increased physical activity
  • Healthy lifestyle choices
  • Sustained behavioral change for weight maintenance


The FitLogix® System

FitLogix® is designed to help your employees/members take control of their own weight management and achieve a healthier lifestyle. With over 20 years of delivering telephonic disease management programs, National Jewish Health now offers behavioral change coaching for smoking cessation and weight management programs. Using this model, we have helped hundreds of thousands of people quit smoking, with one of the highest "quit" rates in the country.

The FitLogix® system includes:

  • A 52-week program with specific lesson modules that can be conducted at the participant's own pace.
  • Coaching calls for one-on-one support.
  • A digital scale and activity meter that is wirelessly connected to a personal computer through a wireless antenna that allow participants to track their weight and level of activity.
  • A structured, interactive Web-enabled program that offers customized content along with expert and professional chat opportunities.
  • An emphasis on participants with co-morbid conditions, such as diabetes, chronic heart conditions, and other weight related states.
  • Full reporting capabilities capturing outcomes and return on investment.
  • Second year available on completion of 52 week program for help with sustained weight loss.
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