All About Sleep Apnea Class


The All About Sleep Apnea class is an educational class for patients with sleep apnea and their families.
Meetings will include:

  • What is sleep apnea?
  • Why do you have sleep apnea?
  • What are the symptoms and consequences of sleep apnea?
  • What are your treatment options?
  • CPAP therapy and tips/tricks for success
  • What else can you do to help your sleep apnea?

No RSVP needed, but we recommend that you call ahead of time to confirm this week’s class schedule at 303.270.2708.

Getting to the Meeting Room: From the main entrance, take the elevator down to the basement. The education room will be in front of you.

Dates: Tuesday from 3:30–4:30 pm and Thursdays from 3–4 pm (with a few exceptions)

Class Days: Tuesday

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