November 14, 2014

Resources at the Bedside and Beyond

When patients are hospitalized, they receive a lot of information about their health in a short amount of time. It can be overwhelming. With that in mind, the Saint Joseph Hospital plans included ample resources for education and learning, as well as spiritual support to help patients and families through the healing process.

As Seen on TV

All hospital rooms are equipped with a special network called GetWell Network® that offers patient education on demand. Nurses can assign specific “programs” that help the patient and their family learn about various aspects of a condition at their convenience. In addition, patients can order food, check email and alert their care team to any pain or discomfort they are experiencing. 

Knowledge is Power

Patients and family members who wish to learn more about an illness or condition can visit the medical library just off the main lobby of the hospital. The library is staffed by trained medical librarians who can help patients and their families find health information they can understand and use to make educated health decisions. The library holds countless books, magazines, CDs and DVDs, and the librarians can help with Internet searches.

Resource Service Center

Recognizing that patients and families need resources that extend beyond traditional patient education, Saint Joseph Hospital created a Resource Service Center that is conveniently located in the main lobby. Here, patients and families can get information and assistance on a variety of nontraditional services such as language services, computer and Internet access, notary services and even charging stations for their electronic devices.

Emotional and Spiritual Support 

Emotional and spiritual support is another important part of the healing process. The new hospital includes a beautiful chapel and a tranquil reflection garden to provide visitors with quiet areas of refuge to help restore their strength. The new chapel honors the Catholic heritage of Saint Joseph Hospital and is welcoming to people of all faiths. The chapel structure was carefully planned and pulls in elements from past hospital-based chapels, including the 12-foot stained glass window panels and matching ceiling dome that were originally built in 1964 by a studio in France. Removing and transporting the fragile pieces from the old building to the new chapel was a painstaking process, so experts from the French company flew to Colorado to assist with the move. A local stained glass studio designed and installed the five new floor-to-ceiling panels of stained glass, combining the old with the new and helping to create a peaceful and healing environment.