October 31, 2014

Lights, Camera, Action — New O.R. Takes Center Stage

Saint Joseph Hospital recently tweeted “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” It’s this type of thinking that led them to design and build an amazing surgical and interventional unit on the second floor of the new hospital. At center stage of the new unit is a 1,250-square-foot hybrid Operating Room (O.R.) with 36 surgical suites and 700-square-feet of support space. This O.R. is fitted with impressive technology that increases the surgical and interventional teams’ ability to deliver the safest, most efficient care.

It’s All About the Flow

Dr. Shawn Dufford demonstrates the shadowless lights in the new operating rooms.

Each room is designed to maximize procedural flow around patients. The rooms feature a template design, where equipment and supplies are always stored in the same place. Employees also are cross-trained on equipment and procedures, decreasing staffing needs by 65 percent for efficient operations, while also expanding each employee’s skill set.

As procedures are flowing around the patient, so too is the air flow blowing from the HVAC system. Similar to a hood flow used in hospital pharmacies to regulate sanitary conditions, the vents in the ceiling create a sterile barrier around the patient to prevent any contamination during surgery.

Harnessing the Light

As patients and family members make their way to the second floor surgery waiting area, they are greeted by backlit murals in the elevator lobby. These murals feature Colorado landscapes that literally light up the area, creating a calm, peaceful environment for patients and family members.

In the O.R.s themselves, the lights take center stage. For intensive procedures, proper lighting is key. Surgeons will be working under state-of-the-art Berchtold lights, LED lights that generate less heat and do not create shadows.

“You can literally have your whole body over [the operating table] and there would be no shadow. It’s phenomenal new technology,” said Bain Farris, the hospital’s president and CEO.

Military-Grade Video

Every operating room is fitted with impressive technology that help ensure the safest, most efficient procedures.A company called Black Diamond Video installed the video integration system. With a sound reputation for their military work and proprietary servers, they offer a package of features unparalleled in other hospital systems. Featuring an intuitive touch screen panel, staff can bring up multiple images of patient scans, vitals, surgery navigation and cameras. Not only can they view multiple images, but also they can talk with other departments, like pathology, that are not on the same floor using video and audio conferencing. With the right technology at their fingertips, surgeons have an increased ability to treat any case at any time, and that’s what makes these rooms so unique.

“It’s a design that a lot of people are trying to mimic right now. With this space, you can increase the collaboration so that our doctors can work closer with each other and run cases by each other because they’re in the vicinity,” said the hospital’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Shawn Dufford.