November 21, 2014

Colorado Artists Featured Throughout New Hospital

Just as it was important to capitalize on Colorado’s great weather when designing the new hospital, the Saint Joseph Hospital team also wanted to feature art that showcases the beauty of Colorado throughout the building.    

Calling All Artists

Artwork displayed throughout the new hospital highlights the beauty of Colorado.Saint Joseph Hospital partnered with a company called Nine Dot Arts to host an online “Call for Entry” among artists. The response was tremendous with more than 1,000 submissions. A committee of Saint Joseph Hospital leaders then voted to help select 100 pieces from 80 Colorado artists and galleries for display at the new hospital. “We wanted all of the art to be inspirational, full of life, and to convey a sense of pride in our city and state,” explained Sister Melissa Camardo, vice president of mission and sponsorship at Saint Joseph Hospital.

Colorado Proud

There’s no denying that Colorado is a scenic state. A variety of the artwork throughout the new hospital showcases Colorado locations – mountains, parks, rivers and cities. There are paintings depicting the beauty of Colorado in every season, from a variety of viewpoints. Other artwork showcases the outdoor lifestyle Coloradoans enjoy.

Diversity of Life

Art such as the painting “Playing at the Pool – Study I” embrace the diversity of the community.Wanting diversity in the art program, the Saint Joseph Hospital team selected art of various sizes and mediums, including oil paint, mixed media, photography, etchings, wood, metal and glass. They also selected numerous paintings that reflect the range of cultural and ethnic diversity throughout Colorado. Referencing an oil painting of families playing at a pool, Sister Melissa explained, “We wanted to capture the spirit of life and diversity of the community we serve.”

Combining Old with New

In addition to the art pieces commissioned for the new hospital, Saint Joseph Hospital is moving much of the artwork from the current facility. This includes a collection of 250 photographs taken by employees and physicians.

When the doors open on 12.13.14, the artwork will be a welcome part of the healing environment of the facility.