Working Together News

December 2020

As we begin our 10th month of fighting on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to express our appreciation and gratitude for everything you do. From the first days of this pandemic, you have spent many long hours not only caring for patients, but continuously adapting and developing new approaches to how we perform our jobs, rethinking how we address problems, taking on new roles and tasks, thinking creatively and finding solutions. Throughout all, the spirit of this collaboration has made us even stronger together. Your dedication is undeniable.

Please take a moment to watch the short slideshow video in this email that highlights the amazing work and resilience you have shown throughout this pandemic.

While we all know that this pandemic is not over, and the next three months will be very difficult, the reports of multiple vaccine that will start to be administered in the next weeks offer very substantial hope. We do, however, need to continue to be vigilant with public health and safety measures, continue to innovate and adapt, and be the best and most compassionate at what we do and take care of each other.

We hope you are able to take some time to be with your families and find joy this holiday season. Thank you again for everything you do.

Thank you for the excellence that each and every one of you bring to your jobs every day. Enjoy this issue of Working Together News

All the best,

Michael Salem, MD
President & CEO, National Jewish Health
Chair, Board of Directors, National Jewish
Health | Saint Joseph Hospital
Jamie Smith
President, Saint Joseph Hospital
CEO, National Jewish Health | Saint
Joseph Hospital