Working Together News

April 2021

In March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic took hold on the world, our efforts were immediately focused on care of patients and testing as a tool to help manage the virus. Both of our organizations have been focused and committed to helping our communities come through this pandemic. We, along with experts around the world, have known that ultimately a vaccine would be needed to truly get through this historic public health emergency.
We now have multiple effective vaccines to help fight COVID-19, and we focused our attention to helping drive this part of the solution, vaccinating thousands of people beginning with the most vulnerable and now open to everyone.
Both National Jewish Health and Saint Joseph Hospital have partnered with the state of Colorado to distribute vaccinations to communities at large from day one. It was an easy decision, as both of our organizations have a mission to serve our local communities. Over the past months, we are proud to have vaccinated tens of thousands of Coloradans, and the number continues to grow.
As we continue to offer vaccinations to all Coloradans over the age of 16, we want to take a moment to reflect on the dedication, creativity and hard work from our teams to take on this monumental effort. Please enjoy the slide show below that highlights how each organization has supported this massive effort with vaccination events and clinics.

JOA Working Together Video Still

We also hope you will take a minute to read the other articles in this newsletter: a story looking back one year after patient Zubin Ingah was diagnosed with COVID-19, and another highlighting the important work of the National Jewish Health | Saint Joseph Hospital Hospitalist Group.
Thank you for your continued dedication to our patients, each other and the community we serve.


Michael Salem, MD
President & CEO, National Jewish Health
Chair, Board of Directors, National Jewish
Health | Saint Joseph Hospital
Jamie Smith
President, Saint Joseph Hospital
CEO, National Jewish Health | Saint
Joseph Hospital