Letter from Richard Richardson

I underwent a bronchoscopy at National Jewish Health. Over the years, my wife and I have been patients at many hospitals and I never had a better experience than that which I experienced during my visit to your hospital.

I found nurses Lindsay, Yvonne, Gayle and respiratory therapist Mark to be very competent and highly professional in the care that they provided to me. In addition, I had the pleasure of meeting nurse Kristy, who I learned is Louisiana State University alum.

Since Kristy is accustomed to an association with LSU's #1 status, it seems quite natural that she be employed with National Jewish Health and its #1 status.

The bronchoscopy was performed by Sheila Tsai, MD. I have come to recognize Dr. Tsai as a very capable, professional physician, and I have complete confidence in her care of my health.

If you will, please commend each of the above referenced employees as the epitome of excellence in their respective fields and as truly fine representatives of National Jewish Health. I extend to you and your employees my most sincere appreciation and respect.

Yours truly,
Richard L. Richardson


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