Letter from Fred Kautz

I would like to commend and praise the professional manner that I was privileged to receive during my recent visit to your hospital.

Starting with PPS PFT which was on time and well done. My visit to SUPER DOC (Jeffrey Swigris, MD) was very informative, professional and I could tell he cared for me in a manner not seen in today's in-and-out medical care. He is very well informed and answered all of my questions in an understandable manner. I have been to many medical appointments but this visit was outstanding. Super Doc's staff is one of the very best.

Rehab went out of their way to insure I received the soonest appointment possible for the 6 minute walk (a test), which was important for my return to Colorado Springs.

I cannot emphasize how I was impressed by the caring, friendly and willingness-to-help attitude displayed during my entire visit.

I hope you will pass on this information and express my heartfelt thanks for a job well done.

Keep up the good work!

Fred Kautz
Command Sgt Major (R)


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