About Women's Heart and Lung Health

An Unmet Need

Medical institutions, medical schools, government agencies and women's health organizations address women's health issues. But these efforts include a variety of conditions - breast, ovarian and uterine cancer; obstetrics and gynecological issues; osteoporosis and menopause, to name a few. Rarely, if ever, is the focus solely on heart and lung diseases and how they interact with and affect each other.


Women's Heart and Lung Health at National Jewish Health®

Through our expertise in cardiac and respiratory care, integrative approach to personalized medicine and innovative research and treatments, National Jewish Health provides unparalleled care for women with heart and lung disease.

In addition to being nationally and internationally recognized specialists in their particular fields, many National Jewish Health faculty members have demonstrated expertise in women's health issues with presentations at conferences and symposia, such as North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference and the Annual American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immuology Meeting, and research publications in numerous medical journals, including the International Journal of Cardiology and the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.


Coordinated, Multi-Disciplinary Care for Women

Women are surpassing men in both diagnosis and deaths from diseases of the heart and lung, and some research attributes this to the fact that the diagnosis and treatment women receive often is inferior compared to those received by men.  Physicians at National Jewish Health seek to understand the differences for women in symptoms and diagnoses, prevention and social issues - all leading to improved outcomes.

We apply our comprehensive care model to women's lung and heart health.  Cardiologists, pulmonologists, oncologists, endocrinologists, allergists, internists, rheumatologists, pharmacologists, psychologists, nutritionists, sleep disorder specialists and other specialists all work with the staff as well as with each other.


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