About the DC AIR Society

for Asthma, Immunology and Respiratory Medicine

The AIR Society was founded in 1991 when a group of young professionals came together because some of them or their family members had been treated for asthma, allergies and/or immune system disorders at National Jewish Health. This common tie gave them the inspiration to assist National Jewish Health in its efforts. 

The AIR Society expanded from New York to include a group in Denver in 2001 and now boasts this chapter in Washington, DC, which held its inaugural event in May 2010. The AIR Society is composed of a diverse group of young and young-at-heart professionals from a variety of industries. Since its inception more than $2.5 million has been raised.


For more information on registering, donation or participation in the event, please contact Rebecca Reutlinger at ReutlingerR@njhealth.org or 703.519.5760.