This device is called an Autohaler. It is a breath-activated device, which means the medication is released when you inhale.

Before you use the Autohaler for the very 1st time, you will need to prime it. To prime the Autohaler, point the mouthpiece away from yourself. Raise the top level so that it stays up while the Autohaler is upright. To release a priming spray, push the white slide with an arrow on the bottom of the mouthpiece. Push this in the direction of the arrow and a spray will be released.

Repeat these steps a second time to release a second spray.

If you have not used the Autohaler in 48 hours you will need to prime it again.

When you are ready to take a dose of the medication, remove the cap from the Autohaler by pulling down the lip on the back of the cap. Check the mouthpiece for any foreign objects.

Hold the Autohaler with the mouthpiece down. Do not cover the air vents at the bottom of the Autohaler.

Raise the top lever so that it stays up while the Autohaler is upright.

Shake the Autohaler.

Gently breathe out.

Seal your lips tightly around the mouthpiece.

Inhale deeply with steady moderate force.

Hold you breath for as long as you can or up to ten seconds.

Lower the lever on the Autohaler.

Repeat for each dose you have been told to take.

Check the information that comes with the Autohaler to see how many puffs are in the device. You will need to keep track of how many puffs you are using to get a new device before you finish the current device.

To clean the Autohaler, remove the mouthpiece cover. Wipe the mouthpiece with a clean dry cloth. Turn the mouthpiece upside down. Tap the back of the device. You will see the trap door open. Wipe the insde of the trap door and the opening where the spray comes out with a cotton swab. Put the mouthpiece cover on the Autohaler after each use to help it stay clean.

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