About FitLogix®

How FitLogix Works

Participants enroll online or by telephone. They receive personalized coaching, guidance on nutrition and weight management, email and text support, educational materials and several tools to help them manage their weight.

Participants work with a telephonic coach who helps them build an integrated plan, while teaching them how to break unhealthy patterns and create more positive habits.

FitLogix Program Components

Depending on the customization of your program, participants will have access to a variety of resources:

  • 13 personalized coaching calls to encourage, educate and support healthy lifestyle changes
  • An activity tracker that uploads steps, distance and calories burned to both a mobile app and website dashboard
  • An activity log to track exercise not captured by the activity meter
  • A digital scale that uploads weight readings to both a mobile app and website dashboard
  • Healthy Steps – weekly lesson modules completed throughout the year
FitLogix Frequently Asked Questions