Beyond the Front Door

Three years ago Merlyn Paine rarely left her home in Nevada.

She could no longer work, didn’t visit friends and ventured to the grocery store only late at night when she felt it was safe. Merlyn suffered from severe asthma that caused immediate breathing problems when she was exposed to strong scents such as perfumes and soaps.

Merlyn found National Jewish Health interventional pulmonologist Ali Musani, MD, one of the world’s leading practitioners of a new procedure called bronchial thermoplasty. Bronchial thermoplasty uses heat to reduce the size of muscles surrounding the airways, which constrict during an asthma attack. It is an important new option for severe asthmatics who do not respond to medications. Studies show that it reduces asthma attacks, emergency room visits and medication use.

Since having bronchial thermoplasty, Merlyn has returned to work, resumed an active social life and traveled throughout the United States for both work and pleasure.

“I have renewed confidence. I’m back to work, and, more importantly, I’m talking and laughing again.”



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