In 1982, I developed asthma three months into my pregnancy and thought my asthma would go away after my son was born, only to have it get worse and send me repeatedly to hospitals even though I used a nebulizer and inhalers. In 1984, I rushed to South Miami Hospital gasping for air. I slipped into a coma and the doctor told my family that I would die. I survived, of course, but in 1991 it happened again. There were days and nights when I was so sick and exhausted that I did not want to live any longer and prayed to God to take me.

My allergist strongly recommended that I visit National Jewish Health, as there was nothing more he could do for me.

I arrived at National Jewish Health on March 31, 2009. Under the care of Rohit Katial, MD, and Nabeel Hamzeh, MD, I took many tests, including spirometry, echocardiogram, bone density, barium swallow, sputum, PH probe, blood draw, sleep study and had consultations with a variety of experts. They found that I have sleep apnea. They discovered I was aspirating liquids into my lungs and they taught me how to swallow and drink water. They found out that I had a bacteria in my lungs called C. pneumonia and a fungus that had been there for many years.

By the time I left National Jewish Health on April 8, the doctors there had saved my life. They knew exactly how to treat my illnesses. I've finished the bacteria and fungus medications, and I'm taking only two daily inhaled steroids for asthma. I have had no asthma attacks, I sleep at night and I have a different face because I'm using fewer steroids.

All the doctors and staff were caring and professional. I have no words to express my gratitude.



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