National Jewish Health Inspires Lifelong Relationship and Legacy

Mary and Paul LillmarsA chance meeting at National Jewish Health turned into a lifelong relationship for Mary and Paul Lillmars. They have also established a legacy gift to the institution through a Charitable Remainder Trust.

In the fall of 1953, Mary was training as a student nurse at National Jewish Health when she met Paul, who was being treated for tuberculosis.

Paul, who moved from Michigan for treatment, lived at the hospital for a year. “A friend of my father recommended that I come here,” said Paul. “I always think of him with appreciation.”

Paul also participated in an early research trial for isonicotinylhydrazine (INH), which is now the first-line treatment for tuberculosis.

“They didn’t know what would happen, but it cleared me up, and now it is used all over the world,” said Paul.

Mary and Paul married a year after their initial meeting at National Jewish Health, and they made a life in Colorado, working and raising three children. When they decided to donate to charity, Mary and Paul included National Jewish Health in their giving.

They owned farm land in a prime location for development near Parker, CO and decided to place it into a Charitable Remainder Trust to minimize the capital gains tax impact. It soon sold and from that point forward Mary and Paul receive quarterly income from the trust. Upon their deaths, the balance in the trust will be split between National Jewish Health and their church.

“It’s been a good investment for us, and it has held up in the economy,” said Mary. “We wanted to give to National Jewish Health since the hospital did so much for us.”



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