An Unparalleled Approach to Care
Patient with rare disease donates her IRA distribution.


A Legacy of Good Health
Debra Kates Shaw plans gift to support the work that changed her husband’s life. 


Insuring the Future of Collaborative Care
Shannon LaFrance-Corum’s story starts out like many patient stories from National Jewish Health. A life-threatening respiratory illness that remained un-diagnosable until visiting Denver. What makes her story different is how she is choosing to end it. 


Finding Answers in Familiar Places
In January 2015, Marla Wood caught whatever was going around her office. The doctor told her, “It’s a bug. Hold your breath; you’ll get over it,” but she didn’t get over it. While her co-workers’ health improved, hers only got worse.


National Jewish Health Tour Leads to Life-Changing Care
Bob Feinberg first learned about National Jewish Health from his friends. Soon after, he became a committee member for the Spirit of Achievement Award Dinner. It wasn’t until he toured the institution that he learned what it means to be a patient.


‘Now I have a life I can enjoy.’
Elizabeth McGee struggled to breathe and lost her voice after exposure to chemicals damaged her lungs and voice box. She also struggled to find answers to her medical problems – until doctors at National Jewish Health gave her a diagnosis and treatment regimen that helped her regain her voice and ability to breathe.


Charitable Remainder Unitrust ‘a Win-Win Situation’
By establishing a Charitable Remainder Unitrust with the donation of farm land in Iowa, Sally Bartalot and her husband, Robert, were able to give back to National Jewish Health and receive income for the remainder of their lives.


'Bypass this, that and the other and go straight to National Jewish Health.'
Today, Susan Black, of Michigan, is a proud supporter of National Jewish Health, but it wasn’t long ago that she didn’t know a thing about the institution. Fortunately, through a roundabout set of circumstances, Susan discovered the place that would give her answers when others could not.


Gratitude for treating her advanced case of tuberculosis
Doctors at National Jewish Health saved Georgina Bonin's life in 1954 when she had an advanced case of tuberculosis.


Help battling her bronchiectasis and COPD
Suzanne Davis had a respiratory condition for 20 years before finding help at National Jewish Health.


Spinal tuberculosis during the Depression
Lyle Dean Reeve had spinal tuberculosis during the Depression and spent years at National Jewish Health.


'I wanted to be part of the solution to help children breathe better'
A childhood asthmatic, Anne Rosenblum spent her formative years fighting to breathe, but she finally found relief at National Jewish Health.


Ready to face life again after tuberculosis
Nearly 30 years ago, George Turner was admitted to National Jewish Health with tuberculosis.


Repaid his charity care while eliminating estate tax
In the 1930s, Samuel Waldman came to National Jewish Health with tuberculosis, despite his inability to pay for treatment. 


Grateful for Lung Line's asthma advice
Gertrude Zehner suffers from asthma and has received advice from Lung Line nurses about prevention, treatment and medication.