Jordan Burke Finds Answers and Help for Eczema

Jordan Burke struggled with severe and painful eczema before finding answers that changed his life. 


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The worst feeling as a parent is when you can’t help your child feel better and the doctors that you're taking them to are not doing anything and they're not listening to you. You feel hopeless, you feel scared, you feel frustrated. We had almost given up any hope of anybody helping him.

We've had people stop us in the  supermarket and I think that their intentions were well-meaning but the way it came out was "What's wrong with him? What does he have? Oh my god, do you see his face?"

You’re talking about a little baby and that broke my heart. I couldn't go anywhere. I felt like the worst mother in the world.

I began doing a search online for how to do a face wrap and one link led to another and then I came across National Jewish Health and the moment I saw their page, the moment I read the testimonials, I just knew.

I said "we gotta try something." You walk to the ends of the earth for our kid, so what was a trip to Colorado?

I kept saying "God let this be it because I don’t know what else we can do. We don’t have any backup plan after this; there’s nothing else to do to help Jordan."

The moment we walked into National Jewish, we knew that they cared about Jordan. They did everything to make his stay comfortable - gave him a bag full of rubber duckies and little baby books to ensuring his dietary needs were met and that any allergens he had were not on his menu and it was everything we had hoped it would be plus so much more.

Within one week at National Jewish, Jordan's skin began to heal.

They unwrapped him and I stood there in shock saying "Oh my god." I said, "Jordan, we can see your skin, you're not bleeding" and then we were screaming and we were so happy - Jordan was looking at us like we were crazy. It worked, this is the right place, this is going to happen.

Now we know how to take care of his skin and manage his pain. We know how to make sure it never gets to that place again.

Jordan's happy, he gets to be a little boy, he gets to play, it's just a level of physical contact with him and intimacy we never had before.

It took a special team of doctors who really cared who really realized that eczema is a chronic condition needs to be taken care of.

They healed Jordan. They saved his life.



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