DeGracia Family Testimonial for Pediatric Day Program

Pablo DeGracia and his family came all the way from Wichita, Kansas to get help for his children who have allergies and asthma. Watch and hear how they were amazed and thankful for the care the children received.



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My name is Pablo DeGracia, I'm originally from Panama, but now I reside in Wichita, Kansas.

Everything is for the well-being of the patient, from their medications, their tests, even to play.

Everyone who took part in my kids' was just amazing; it is overwhelming just to see how people that make a field still can get involved and be so committed to the patient I have no words to express my thankfulness for the team that oversees my kids; it's a great opportunity for your child to be exposed to.

Absolutely amazing medical care; I hope they have the same experience that I have to understand here at National Jewish.



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