Gil and Sara Wegad Sara and Gil Wegad are children of the Great Depression. Shaped by their experiences, they have always been very financially conservative. Additionally, because of their professional backgrounds in accounting, they have consistently sought sound returns on their investments.

For Sara and Gil, the charitable gift annuity program at National Jewish Health has provided the opportunity for a great financial return and attractive tax benefits, with the added bonus of supporting one of their favorite organizations.

"I feel extremely secure with the high rate of fixed income we receive from our annuities," said Gil. "I know we could receive the same rate of return at other institutions, but I selected National Jewish Health because they've been around for over 110 years. In these uncertain economic times, I have the utmost confidence in their planned gifts program."

"Sara and I are also proud that our support helps National Jewish Health provide world-class patient care and groundbreaking research for those suffering with the diseases that National Jewish treats."

Sara gave her first gift to National Jewish Health in 1973. She gave faithfully and frequently through the years to her "favorite hospital."

"I feel grateful that I can celebrate my appreciation for life each year on my birthday with a gift that impacts this wonderful institution," said Sara.



Your gift today will support children and adults with lung, heart, immune and related conditions.