Esteemed Faculty to Leave Lasting Legacy for National Jewish Health

John Kaplar and Philippa MarrickPhilippa Marrack, PhD, FRS, and John W. Kappler, PhD, have contributed to the scientific prowess of National Jewish Health for 31 years. By including the institution in their will, they are helping to ensure that care and discovery will continue here well into the future.

When Drs. Marrack and Kappler joined National Jewish Health in 1979, they were excited about the opportunity to work with and learn from the talented faculty in an environment that fosters collaboration.

Over the years, Drs. Marrack and Kappler have received international recognition for their immunology research, which has focused primarily on the T cell, an immune system cell that recognizes foreign substances in the body and orchestrates the adaptive immune response.

“When people give in their wills, they support social issues that are important to them or institutions that have impacted them individually,” said Dr. Marrack. “In this case, National Jewish Health meets both of those. It is doing worthwhile work and supports the intellectual environment that we work in.”

Their bequest will be unrestricted, which means that the funds can be used at the discretion of National Jewish Health.

“We trust that the future leadership of the institution will know where it will be needed,” said Dr. Marrack.



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