Howard and Dorothy Berger

Howard and Dorothy Berger of Naples, FL, and Denver, CO, established a $10,000 gift annuity in 2001. While their primary objective was to support National Jewish Health—an organization they have been committed to for many years—they also wanted to generate additional income. They were frustrated by how little income they were receiving from some of their stock holdings. Both retired and living on a fixed income, Howard and Dorothy wished to maximize the return on their investments. They took a stock that was paying no dividend and with a National Jewish gift annuity were able to increase their return to 7.5 percent, receiving an annual guaranteed lifetime income of $750.

Howard stated, "We truly appreciate the work they accomplish at National Jewish. We are especially pleased to support it while receiving a good income in the meantime, and enjoy a charitable tax deduction as well."



Your gift today will support children and adults with lung, heart, immune and related conditions.