National Jewish Health donor Devora MolitorWhen Devora Molitor’s father passed away, she learned something that she never knew about her parents, Oscar and Marian Feir. They had been donors to National Jewish Health. Though they had never been patients and did not suffer from any lung conditions, they had supported the institution.
Devora, who lives in Minnesota, decided to continue the tradition of her family’s giving to National Jewish Health.

“I looked it up, and it seemed like a worthwhile organization,” Devora said. “I have always been satisfied that my money is being well-used.”

After years of annual giving, she became interested in the legacy gift options that the institution offers. She decided to include National Jewish Health in her trust. In 2011, Devora learned of a special interest rate that was being offered for charitable gift annuities (CGAs).

A CGA through National Jewish Health provides fixed income for life, while also supporting the mission of the hospital. There are tax benefits to CGAs as well. The initial gift is partially income tax-deductible and the CGA payments are partially income tax-free.

“It became obvious that was a good way to boost my income and still do something for National Jewish Health,” she said. “There was no place at all where I could get that kind of income for my investment, and I wanted the money to go to National Jewish Health anyway.”

Devora has continued her father’s legacy of giving, and she is ensuring that her giving will help sustain the institution into the future.  



Your gift today will support children and adults with lung, heart, immune and related conditions.