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Can Patients Be Trained to Control Their Asthma?

In a study that could have far reaching ramifications for the more than 20 million Americans with asthma, researchers at National Jewish Health are studying whether two forms of biofeedback – heart rate and brain waves – can actually help patients learn to control their own asthma.


Nasal News

Sinus Rinse BottleIf you or someone you know uses tap water to perform nasal washes or sinus rinses, you may be putting yourself at risk. Due to reported serious infections and two patient deaths in Louisiana, National Jewish Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) both strongly recommend that tap water no longer be used for these procedures.


Jake’s Story: My Battle with Asthma

Jake CohnJake Cohn almost died at birth and then spent the first three years of his life on oxygen due to asthma complications. Thanks to the asthma staff at National Jewish Health – the number one respiratory hospital in the United States 14 years and running – he is now able to manage his asthma with a proactive and preventive approach. Jake went from being hospitalized as a young child to a professional skier who now travels the world.


Healthy Lifestyle

Living a balanced life that includes eating healthy food, getting daily exercise, sleeping well and maintaining good relationships is important for overall health, especially if you have a chronic illness. It is even more important to have a healthy lifestyle. Being overweight can increase shortness of breath. On the other hand, being underweight can cause you to feel more tired and fatigued.