The 5280 AIR (Asthma, Immunology and Respiratory) Society is a group of young leaders in Denver who are invested in the National Jewish Health mission and want to make a difference. They represent a variety of industries and will lead the next generation of the institution's philanthropy by sharing their ideas and vision to propel our fundraising efforts, drive awareness and pave the way for up-and-coming young leadership.



Margery & Mike Gavin
Kelsey & Brad Morse


5280 AIR Society Members

Mia & Jeremy Abelson
Rachelle & Chris Bodnar
Athena Brownson
Jennifer Cassell
Karyn & Ross Chotin
Ben & Jordan Deifik
Josh Demby & Manuel Gutierrez
Angela & Dan Feiner
Jordan & David Feiner
Margery & Mike Gavin
Troy Guard
Lucia & Keith Herbert
Jason Hornick
Sara Jackson
Andrea & Gunnar Jacobs
Cameron Kelly & BJ Lanser
Rebecca Lipnick
Grant Kraus
Hillary Marsh & John Morgridge
Kelsey & Brad Morse
Rachel & Yuval Moskovich
Kim & Dustin Nyhus
Lara Silversmith & Kylie Ohringer
Dana & Brian Parks
Eric Schierburg
Gabi & Jake Shirek
Taylor Surroz
JR Wiles