Party at Altitude benefits the chronically ill children of Morgridge Academy

  • Located on the campus of National Jewish Health, Morgridge Academy is a unique, day school program for approximately 90 students in grades K-8 who require medical assistance during the normal school day. The school is approved by the Colorado Department of Education and is located on the grounds of National Jewish Health in Denver. Children who attend the school have medical problems, which have caused frequent absences from regular school. For many of these children, poverty and instability at home exacerbate an already challenging medical situation.
  • The children at Morgridge Academy live with chronic illnesses, such as severe asthma and allergies, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia and immune deficiencies, including HIV/AIDS. Because of their serious illnesses, these children at times require immediate access to medical attention. Morgridge Academy nurses help students understand and manage their illnesses. This results in most Morgridge Academy students experiencing a precipitous drop in total medical visits. Their health improves, and along with it, their self-esteem.
  • Morgridge Academy staff includes two nurses, a child behavioral specialist, a physical education instructor, a fine arts teacher, a library media specialist and six classroom teachers. Students also receive at least two nutritious meals a day at the school. The Morgridge Academy annual budget is $2.25 million. Only 23 percent of that cost is covered by the Colorado Department of Education and the School Lunch Program. That leaves approximately $1.75 million or $20,000 per student per year that must come from National Jewish Health and/or private philanthropy.


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