5280 AIR Society

One in four Americans suffers from a serious chronic or life-threatening respiratory disease. National Jewish Health is the only institution in the nation that is dedicated to researching and treating respiratory and related diseases – and we will make the next generation of groundbreaking discoveries.

The 5280 AIR Society (Asthma, Immunology and Respiratory) is a group of young leaders in Denver who are invested in the National Jewish Health mission and want to make a difference. They represent a variety of industries and will lead the next generation of the institution’s philanthropy by sharing their ideas and vision to propel our fundraising efforts, drive awareness, and pave the way for up-and-coming young leadership.

The Next Generation Leaders of at National Jewish Health

The 5280 AIR Society and young leaders from across the country are coming together in their communities to ensure that National Jewish Health drives innovation to advance the treatment of respiratory and related diseases.

The 5280 AIR Society is modeled after the New York AIR Society, which started in 1991. Some of the members and their family had been treated for asthma, allergies and/or immune system disorders at National Jewish Health. This common tie gave them the inspiration to make their mark by supporting our events and eventually starting their own event. Since the group’s inception, it has raised $4 million for the institution.

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