Luncheon Committee

Event Chair

Carole Vollman Mahler

Event Co-Chairs

Rhona Guberman
Janet Verdiglione


Sandi Bresnick
Kathy Frybyrg*
Jane Garcia-Deale
Carole Goldstein
Judy Haas*
Anne Jacobson*
Jane Mandell *
Myrna Norwitz
Glenaan Robbins*
Arleen Roberts
Donna Robins

Sally Rossi-Rosenberg*
Mikki Schner
Lila Siegel*
Sheila Stern*
Shirley Stern
Barbara Tornberg*
Elaine Weinberg*
*National Trustees

Honorary Committee

Laurie Dubow
Barbara Gaynor
Judy M. Greenberg
Bernice Levy
Babs Rosenkranz
Irene B. Rubenstein
Robert Weinroth
Scarlet Weiss


Champions of the Cause

Flo Altfield
Irene J. Baros
Cindy Baum
Elaine Berman
Karen Cullen
Sue Diamond

Joan Dubov
Joyce Goodman
Dolly Harris
Florence Jacobson
Carole Klugerman
Barbara Pomerantz
Estelle Segal

In recognition of the Fifth Annual New Directions Luncheon, we are honoring the Champions of the Cause for their long-time commitment that has contributed to the growth and success of the Florida Region.

I am unable to attend, but would like to Make a Donation.


Contact Information

Stephanie Ballman
Senior Associate Director, Special Events