Honoring Southern California National Jewish Health Trustees and Past Black & White Ball Honorees

For more than 50 years, National Jewish Health has been privileged to have dedicated individuals in the greater Los Angeles area who are committed to raising awareness for the hospital’s work, which includes curing severe asthma within five years. We look forward to recognizing their support.

Vicky L. Balmot
Anthony A. Behrstock
Gail K. Bernstein
George P. Blanco
Ronald M. Blitzer
Deborah S. Breslawsky
Mark D. Brutzkus
Carlos L. Chacon
Mitchell F. Cohen
Bruce H. Corbin
Robert Ezra
Murray D. Fischer
Larry J. Freeman
Harry W. Friedman
Ronald S. Friedman
Jeffrey M. Garrison
Betty Gates
Robert B. Greenspan
Janet E. Grove
Jacqueline C. Hall
Thom Higgins
Tonian Hohberg
Ronald W. Jones
Jeffrey H. Kapor
Sunnie S. Kim
William A. Kosis
Issy Kotton
Madeleine Larson
Susan H. Lerner
William Mark Levinson
Robert K. Lewin
Fred F. Lionetti
Hart J. Lyon
Jay S. Mangel
Robert L. Mettler
Donald J. Nunnari
Alfred Perlstein
James Perse
Noel R. Ryan Jr.
Michael M. Savoy
Carole Schwartz
Benjamin S. Seigel
R. Douglas Smith
David N. Sonnenblick
Debbie Steinberg
Vance Stickell
Paul J. Zaffaroni