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Coaches and Teams


2020 Coaches (in formation)

Craig Gallogly, CED
Bill Gregor, Mortenson Construction
Gunnar Jacobs, Monigle
Richard Kalisek, BKD, LLP
Jerry Laflen, BKD, LLP
Crystal Peden, The CPI Group
Tom Tarver, Greiner Electric
Gabrielle Shirek
Jake Shirek, Marcus & Millichap
Kris Wintroub, Greiner Electric


2020 Classrooms

Kindergarten & First Grades

Coach: Craig Gallogly, CED

First & Second Grades

Coach: Kris Wintroub & Tom Tarver, Greiner Electric

Third & Fourth Grades

Coach: Jerry Laflen & Richard Kalisek, BKD, LLP


Fourth & Fifth Grades

Coach: Gunnar Jacobs, Monigle


Sixth and Seventh Grades

Coach: Bill Gregor, Mortenson Company


Seventh and Eighth Grades

Coach: Jake and Gabrielle Shirek, Marcus & Millichap


Physical Education Program

Coach: Crystal Peden, The CPI Group

Fine Arts Program

Coach: Crystal Peden, The CPI Group