Thank You for Supporting the Research and Care of Pediatric Lung Disease
at the 2018 Beaux Arts Ball

After going from doctor to doctor without finding answers for her breathing problems, Lexi Beggan, a competitive runner from Erie, Colorado, wasn’t sure she wanted to go on living.
Then, Lexi and her mother Shana came to National Jewish Health where Dr. Tod Olin and our team in the Silverstein Department of Pediatrics put her on a stationary bike and watched her vocal cords through a laryngoscope camera as she peddled. Dr. Olin witnessed Lexi’s vocal cords close, preventing air from reaching her lungs. Then, he turned to Shana and said, “I think we’re going to be able to help your daughter. I am confident.”
Lexi is one of thousands of young patients who have found answers at National Jewish Health. Many more seek our care every day.