Here you can find information provided by National Jewish Health to utilize in your practice. Download posters, brochures, flyers and more to better communicate with your patients.

Better Health Starts After the Last Cigarette

Better Health Starts After the Last Cigarette

Shaking the Sodium Out of Your BBQ

Shaking the Sodium Out of your BBQ

Understanding Osteoporosis

Understanding Vocal Cord Dysfunction

Women, Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Women, are you getting enough sleep?

Surviving Spring Allergies

Helping Children Cope With a Medical Condition

Flu Prevention Tips

flu prevention tips

Best & Worst Cities for Ozone Pollution

ozone pollution

Epinephrine Injections

Top Reasons to Get More Sleep

infographic: top reasons to get more sleep

Nasal Wash Guide

nasal wash infographic

Athletes & Asthma

Athletes & Asthma

E-Cigarettes: Decoding What's Behind the Vapor


Lung Cancer at a Glance

Good Night, Sleep Tight - Child Sleep Needs

infographic: child sleep needs

Is Your Shower Head Making You Sick?

7 Steps for Better Living With Diabetes

Kitchen Safety & Food Allergies

infographic: kitchen safety

Which Flu Vaccine Is Right for You?

Asthma & Pets

asthma and pets infographic

Back-to-School Health

infographic: back-to-school health

New Food Allergy Recommendations

food allergy recommendations infographic

Coping With Spring Allergies

spring allergies and global warming infographic

Cigarette Chemicals

cigarette chemicals

Sleep Hygiene Tips

sleep tips infographic

Lung Cancer Awareness

Lung Cancer Infographic

Surprising Sources of Home Allergens

hidden home allergens

Pediatric Sleep Needs

child sleep infographic

Hidden Holiday Food Allergens

holiday food allergens

Patient Education (Test Facts, Med Facts, Understanding Booklets)

Child Sleep Chart

Childhood Asthma Control Test (pdf)

Journal of the COPD Foundation (free digital subscription)

Top Questions to Ask Your MD About Lung Cancer


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