Pulmonary Physiology Services


Pulmonary Physiology Services (PPS) at National Jewish Health is part of a world-renowned medical and research hospital offering physicians and their patients state-of-the-art pulmonary diagnostic testing to assist with evaluation and treatment of patients. We are active in providing diagnostic testing for a wide variety of clinical patients and research studies. PPS is recognized as one of the largest leading-edge pulmonary function laboratories in the country providing diagnostic testing that utilizes recent research for clinical application. Physicians may order testing directly through PPS without referring the patient to a National Jewish Health physician.

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Diagnostic tests assess lung function and efficiency, evaluation of lung size, resistance and specific conductance of the airways, elasticity and compliance of the lung (lung mechanics), complex metabolic exercise testing and special procedures related to pulmonary physiology. In addition to offering procedures unavailable at most facilities, such as exhaled nitric oxide and lung mechanic measurements, PPS is staffed by a highly qualified team of experts in pulmonary medicine. This combination of technology and expertise gives you access to efficient diagnostic services with unparalleled accuracy.


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