Quantitative Imaging Laboratory

The mission of the Quantitative Imaging Laboratory (QIL) at National Jewish Health is to maximize the extraction of quantitative imaging from radiologic images. Specifically, we wish to establish an Information Technology (IT) framework for efficient processing of radiologic images, provide quantitative image analysis for clinical and research purposes, and develop novel image analysis techniques to recognize and characterize normal and abnormal regions of lung and other organs.

To date, our primary focus in the QIL has been image analysis on radiologic CT images. The QIL is the primary image analysis core for two large multi-center studies: COPDGene, which will ultimately include over 10,000 patients, and IPFNET, which will include over 1,000 cases.


Current Projects

  • Childhood Asthma Management Program (CAMP)
  • COPDGENE Project
  • NIH Molecular Phenotyping Genome Project
  • IPFNet
  • Siemens Medical Solutions Inc. 

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Example Images (Click on images to enlarge)

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Airway Wall Thickening

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Air Trapping 

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Faculty & Staff

David Lynch, MD, Medical Director

Stephen M. Humphries, PhD, Director and Imaging

Doug Stinson, QIL manager, 

Tom Gethin-Jones, Research Assistant, 

Demitry Kazlouski, Research Assistant

Alex Kluiber, Database Analyst

Deanna Richert, Research Assistant, 

Jordan Zach, Research Assistant II

Josh Jaramillo, Research Assistant, 

Alex McKenzie, Research Assistant, 

Resources and Services

QIL has several powerful analysis computers spanning both Windows and Linux platforms. We use a variety of software to view and analyze Radiologic images (VIDA, SLICER, TeraRecon, proprietary software developed in the lab for QA use, MatLab, Digital Jacket, efilm, IDL)

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Contact Information

Attn: Quantitative Imaging Lab
National Jewish Health
1400 Jackson Street, K012c
Denver, CO 80206

Phone: 303.270.2529
Fax: 303.270.2538


Lab Sightings

QIL - Group Photo

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