Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories

Specimen Submission Policy

Holiday Closure

Please view our holiday closure dates to plan accordingly.

Packaging and shipping of diagnostic specimens must comply with international and federal shipping guidelines.

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Improperly Labeled Specimens

Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories at National Jewish Health will not accept any specimen that is not properly and completely identified. On a tube, we require two unique patient identifiers.

The requisition that accompanies the sample must have the:

  • ordering, resulting and billing entity name
  • phone number
  • address
  • fax number
  • contact name


Animal specimens are accepted for testing. Please contact client services for clarification. Animal specimens must comply with the same shipping instructions as human specimens.
Exempt Patient Specimen Shipments are acceptable if professional judgment based on the patient’s history has been used to determine that there is a minimal likelihood that the specimen contains a pathogen. These shipments require an Exempt Patient label on the package.
Glass tubes must not be used for frozen specimens.