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Biostatistical Services

Collaborates with clinical and basic science researchers to design, analyze, and present results and to develop procedures for the capture, management, and quality-control of data. Provides fee for service statistical analysis, study design, and data conversion, as well JMP and SAS licenses.

Contact: Matt Strand, PhD

Biological Resource Center (BRC)

Academic Affairs Support ServicesMaintains high quality laboratory animals for use in research, trains research personnel in proper and humane care and use of laboratory animals, provides technical assistance to research staff, informs research staff of current technology and animal models, educates the public concerning the necessity of animal research.

Matthew Rosenbaum, DVM, MS
Biological Resource Center Director

Animal Physiology Core

Academic Affairs Support ServicesProvides special procedures for animal research including flexi-vent, microCT, and surgical services.


Center for Genes Environment and Health/Genomics Core

Academic Affairs Support ServicesProvides an integrated process for all areas of application in next-generation sequencing of RNA and DNA molecules from a variety of cell types as well as data analysis.


Research Histology

Academic Affairs Support ServicesProvides histology support for researchers at NJH and the University of Colorado, including processing and embedding of samples, H&E stains, IHC, and a variety of special stains.


CTRC Core Lab

Academic Affairs Support ServicesCTRC Core Laboratory Services support IRB-approved protocols for clinical research with a wide range of protocols requiring analysis of the function and phenotype of immunologic cells. Our focus is specialized immunologic assays relevant to immunity and inflammation and not clinical diagnostic assays. The NJH lab provides a resource for storage of multiple cell tissue samples, technical consultation, assay development, training for CTRC investigators, staff, visiting physicians, and students. Available assays/procedures include but are not limited to DNA/RNA extraction from blood and other tissues, cell isolation/culture, proliferation assays, ELISA, Elispot, CD4+ and dendritic cell isolation, serum/plasma isolation, cell staining, differential cell counts, flow cytometry, and BAL processing.


Flow Cytometry

Academic Affairs Support ServicesFacility provides instrumentation, technical and professional assistance, training and consultations for performing laser-based flow cytometric analysis and sorting. In addition the Core facility provides users with access to state-of –the-art instrumentation for biological imaging. The facility is a focal point for research involving microscopy and cell imaging. A broad range of applications are supported.


Intellectual Property/Tech Transfer

Accelerates the development of basic scientific research towards clinical application by identifying and protecting the institute’s intellectual property and facilitating business partnerships.

Contact: Emmanuel Hilaire, PhD

Live Cell Core

Academic Affairs Support ServicesProvides primary human cells to faculty to support research projects and NIH grant applications.


Lung Consortium

Academic Affairs Support ServicesA group of investigators who share human lung tissue and is structured such that the program remains financially neutral.


Mass Spectrometry

Academic Affairs Support ServicesProvides support to NJH researchers in mass spectrometric analyses of lipids and other small molecules in virtually all biological matrixes.


Medical Library

Library & Knowledge Services supports the clinical, research, and educational programs of National Jewish Health. Services for faculty and staff include expert searching, customized instruction, and research analytics. Our Helen L. Rider Health Information Center features a resource area for patients and their families.

Contact: Liz Kellermeyer

Mouse Genetics

Academic Affairs Support ServicesOffers a range of services to help investigators generate and maintain genetically modified mouse strains.



Academic Affairs Support ServicesSeeks to conduct and enable research and NJH aimed at stem cell characterization, regeneration of the lung, and the genetic editing of stem and other primary cells.


Research Informatics Services
(including REDCap and dataSCOUT)

Academic Affairs Support ServicesCreated and supports a clinical data and biospecimen ecosystem consisting of the Research Database, data on samples in the Biobank, data collection through REDCap, and access to de-identified datasets through an Honest Broker system.


Quantitative Imaging Lab

Works to establish an IT framework for efficient processing of radiologic images, provide quantitative image analysis for clinical and research purposes, and develops novel image analysis techniques to recognize and characterize normal and abnormal regions of lung and other organs.

Contact: Alex Kluiber