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Free Patient Education MaterialsThere are a number of written materials to support patient education at National Jewish Health. They include Understanding Booklets, Med Facts, Test Facts, Medication handouts and more. Some of these materials are also available in Spanish. You are welcome to download some of these materials in pdf form.

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COVID-19 Patient Education Materials

Learn more about COVID-19 and how it affects specific health conditions in these printable patient education materials.

Download COVID-19 Materials


  • Colonoscopy   
  • MRA With or Without Contrast   
  • Transtracheal Oxygen Therapy   
  • Using a Neohaler   
  • Chronic Beryllium Disease   
  • Small Cell Lung Cancer   
  • Diabetes & Low Blood Sugar   
  • Diabetes Basics   
  • Hemoglobin A1c   
  • Oral Viscous Budesonide (OVB)   
  • Treatment of EoE with Swallowed Flovent® (Fluticasone)   
  • Sputum Induction   
  • Medicine Safety   
  • Using A Respimat®   
  • Using Pressair™   
  • Using an AerobiKa®   
  • Como Usar el Nebulizador   
  • Control de Flujo Máximo   
  • Control de los Medicamentos   
  • El Humo Secundario   
  • Enfermedad de Reflujo Gastroesofágico GERD   
  • Fiebre del Heno   
  • Medicamentos Inhalados con un Inhalador   
  • Plan de Acción para Controlar el Asma   
  • Puntos Claves de Terapia para Pacientes Con Dermatitis Atópica   
  • Reacciones Alérgicas a los Animales   
  • Reacciones Alérgicas de los Ácaros de Polvo   
  • Rehabilitación Pulmonar   
  • Rinitis Alérgica y No Alérgica   
  • Tratamiento de Lavado Nasal Utilizando Sinus Rinse™   
  • Uso Del AeroChamber®   
  • Uso del AeroChamber® con Mascarilla   
  • Colonoscopia   
  • Aspirin Desensitization   
  • Banding/Ligation of Hemorrhoids: CRH O’Regan System   
  • Colon Transit Study (Sitzmark Study)   
  • SuPrep for Colonoscopy   
  • Esophageal Manometry Test   
  • Patency Test with Agile™ Patency Capsule   
  • PillCam Small Bowel Endoscopy   
  • Ultrasound-Guided Liver Biopsy   
  • Bone Density Test   
  • CT Scan of the Abdomen/Liver/Pancreas with Contrast   
  • CT Scan of the Neck with Contrast   
  • CT Scan of the Neck without Contrast   
  • CT Scans & Radiation Reduction   
  • Sniff Test (Diaphragm Fluoroscopy)   
  • Hydrogen/Methane Breath Test   
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)   
  • Importance of Receiving Treatment as Scheduled   
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