Morgridge Academy

Wish List

  • Wish ListMorgridge Academy Student Transportation to and from School: It costs $35.00 per child per month for Morgridge Academy students to ride the RTD service. Currently 30 students are using the RTD bus service.

  • Peak flow Meters for Asthmatic Children: Peak flow meters are replaced every year. Each meter costs $8.00 and Morgridge Academy will use 75 meters during a school year.

  • Spacers for Inhalers for Asthmatic Children: Spacers are used every time a child treats or pre-treats for an activity. Spacers cost $8.00 each and Morgridge Academy will use 75 during the year.

  • Nebulizer Machines to Deliver Asthma Medication: The Morgridge Academy nebulizers are between 10 and 15 years old, and filters are no longer available for these units. Nebulizers cost $85.00 each and Morgridge Academy needs to replace four machines.

  • Food Gift Cards for Student Families

  • Swim Goggles: Swim goggles must be replaced at a rate of about 25 per year. Swim goggles cost about $5.00 per pair.

  • Student Uniforms: Morgridge Academy students wear uniforms to school four days per week. The estimated cost per uniform is $25.00 and Morgridge Academy will pass out between 50 and 75 uniforms per year to children who can't afford them.

  • Morgridge Academy Sweatshirts: Morgridge Academy students are given one uniform sweatshirt per year to wear inside the building, and to the playground in cool weather. Sweatshirts cost about $12.00 each and Morgridge Academy passed out 82 sweatshirts to students this year.

  • Playground Equipment: Some of the playground equipment is getting worn and battered and needs replacing. The estimated cost to replace footballs, basketballs and volleyballs is $150.00.

  • Morgridge Academy Management System: Morgridge Academy has converted to an automated, web-based management system. The RenWeb system manages records for attendance, grades, discipline, lunch, test scores, etc. Parents can access their student's grades from this program. The RenWeb system costs Morgridge Academy $175.00 per month for a total of $2,100.00 per year.

  • Pro Library: The Little Bits Pro Library will help jump start our new Maker Space. Our Maker Space will enable our students to be creative while engineering and learning about science. The possibilities are endless with what students will be able to create with Little Bits Electronics. You can view the website here: Pro Library

  • Maker Space Supplies: As we create a maker culture here over the next year, we need supplies for students to be able to create, innovate, and invent. These supplies include a sewing machine, circuits, conductive thread, Maker Apps for iPads, and other consumable supplies to spark creativity in students. The cost of all the Maker Space supplies that we need is about $5,000.