Peers Accepting and Coping Together (PACT)


Peers Accepting and Coping Together (PACT) Support GroupPeers Accepting and Coping Together (PACT) is a chronic illness support group. This is a group that allows kids and teens to:
  • Talk openly about their illness with peers
  • Feel supported by peers
  • Learn ways to help cope with demands of their illness

Contact or 303.398.1516 for initial group intake and more information.

Dates: 2nd Thursday of each month - 11-13 years old, 4th Thursday of each month - 14-17 years old, 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Class Days: Thursday

All Patient Education classes meet in the Patient Education Room A01b. The classroom is located in the basement across the hall from the main elevator. If you have additional questions, please call Ann Mullen at 303.398.1410.

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