Patient Education & Support

Our Patient Education Program at National Jewish Health provides many free educational opportunities and support groups to assist patients and caregivers with managing illnesses and chronic conditions.

Attend adult and pediatric education classes, watch health videos, and download written materials.


Preparing For Tests

Preparing for Your Test

Test Facts explain the test(s) you may be scheduled for, what to expect during the test and how to prepare for the test  (i.e. medications to withhold, when to stop eating).

Search Test Facts

Learn About Diseases

Learn about your diseases

It can be overwhelming as a patient or caregiver to learn about the many facets of managing an illness or chronic condition. Download free Med Facts to learn more about your disease.


Understanding Booklets

Understanding Booklets

Comprehensive overviews on various health topics covering symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, lifestyle management and more.

Support Groups

Attend a Support Group

National Jewish Health encourages you to participate in support groups to foster a sense of community and get information in a supportive and caring fashion.



Education Methods

Patient Education

Group Education

There are a number of weekly group classes. Patients and family members are encouraged to attend, and the classes are free for them. Nurses, physical therapists, recreational therapists, pharmacists and nutritionists teach the classes. Discussion is encouraged.


Individual Patient Education

Patients meet one-on-one with a healthcare provider to individualize patient education for the patient and family based on the assessed needs. The individual teaching supports the plan of care determined by the healthcare provider and patient. Skills such as inhaled medication technique and peak flow technique often include a return demonstration by the patient. Problem solving is incorporated into the teaching.

If you have questions, please call Ann Mullen, RN, MSN, AE-C, Patient Education Coordinator, at 303.398.1410.