An Enriching Summer for Morgridge Academy Students

  • Morgridge Academy Summer 2013
  • Morgridge Academy Summer 2013
  • Morgridge Academy Summer 2013
  • Morgridge Academy Summer 2013

For three weeks in June, 47 Morgridge Academy students participated in the school’s second summer camp. The focus for campers was to thrive academically and medically and have fun in a summer camp environment. On the lawn outside Morgridge Academy, the children delighted in water balloon tosses, Frisbee, capture the flag and more. In the classrooms, students were engaged in experiential learning activities and exploring different aspects of the weather. In the pool, students received physical therapy and learned valuable skills about breathing techniques, which helps them with running and other exercise.

While the children had fun, they also were retaining and building on the academic skills they gained during the school year. With weather-related computer games, math problems, books, writing assignments and art projects, the children “worked out” important parts of their brains during summer break.

Most importantly, the students stayed healthy with access to Morgridge Academy nurses, their medications and the ability to pre-treat before activity and physical therapy each day. These additional three weeks of attention to their physical well-being and medical conditions provided a strong base for them to have a healthy summer after the camp.

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